With the passage of the “Obamacare repeal” bill in the United States by Republicans in the House of Representatives last week, the debate over healthcare is full of bad faith arguments, oversimplifications, and lies.

Much of what the bill does is being mischaracterized, starting with “repeal.” The bill didn’t call for repealing Obamacare. It would change Obamacare. It would cut Obamacare. But it wouldn’t repeal Obamacare.

The Republicans, arguably because they are in the majority and thus must put forward an expansive argument about what their bill will do, are responsible for some of the most egregious dishonesty. But the Democrats have been intellectually dishonest in some of their attacks on the bill, too. It doesn’t “classify rape as a preexisting condition.”

The main reason each side has to resort to bad faith arguments is because they don’t want to be honest about the ideological underpinnings of their convictions and the costs and benefits of each approach.

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