With the entire EU/Germany versus Trump thing happening, which was sort of predicted by Peter Hitchens, focus is on what historical patterns might emerge in the West.

As Financial Times, the most Pro-EU broadsheet pointed out, the patterns are not comforting.


With Germany quietly re-arming herself, Conservative Poland railing against Liberal Germany created Atlantic rift, and France openly balancing against Russia, European Great power peace is looking precarious.

But there’s something else at stake. 

Given that we see historical patterns re-emerging, how are we going to be sure, our fellow countrymen would stand by us, come hell of high water? Western society is polarised as no other time in modern history, and ideological pull is often much greater than patriotism for one’s own country. Generations upon generations were raised dreaming of borderless utopia, even when borders are the only thing which keeps anarchy from civilisation.

I conducted a simple experiment. The methodology is simple, small N, and wordings were deliberately kept simple, so that nuance is not there, and people respond on instinct more.

The idea was to see, how many people instinctively support their country, regardless of who’s running the show, and how many supports a political union, formed on an idea that transcends boundaries, which could be anything from Liberal Institutionalist EU, or Marxist Soviet Union, or Islamic Caliphate.

Given that online polls have a +/- 5 percentage point of accuracy, here’s the result.




I hope someone does similar surveys on a Large N sample.

“Ask not what your country…” and all that.


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