With British politics reaching its crescendo and the Labour party narrowing Tory lead to five points, it is time for some home truth. Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech where he alleged to have claimed that terrorism in Britain is a direct response to British foreign policy. The result was as you expect from liberal media. From false accusations to blatant lying, to character assassination, Corbyn was portrayed as a combination of Gandhi and Laden. As pacifist and apologist as Gandhi, as vicious and Islamist as Laden. He was portrayed as being incompetent and conniving and dangerous at the same time.


Except, none of that is even remotely true. I am no great fan of either Corbyn or May, and I find both of them disingenuous, but for the sake of balance, Corbyn deserves credit where he is right. His claim that his words were twisted and misrepresented makes sense. And frankly, I have never seen two points, which in recent days, I have found myself quietly agreeing with the Labour party and Corbyn himself. For all his faults, let’s hear him out and let’s have the truth out in public. 


Corbyn’s position is simple. The British terrorism in UK, is a homegrown affair. And it is directly related to British actions abroad. The policy suggestion he gave is thus, Britain should have more policing on the streets, and less intervention abroad.


I don’t understand, why the media started piling on him, for this very sensible suggestion, other than for purely ideological reasons. Of course he is not fully correct, Islamism is not a direct manifestation of colonialism, or racism, or interventionism. Otherwise, Philippines and Indonesia wouldn’t be facing the scourge of ISIS. That said, there’s no denying, that Islamist threat and Islamist terrorism has increased in the West, as a direct result of the West meddling in regions they don’t understand.

Consider this. Before the Iraq war, bunch of Western academics opposed the intervention, because it will destroy the regional balance. Same with Libya and Egypt and Syria. In Egypt, the Obama administration threw Mubarak under the bus…considering him to be one of the worst dictators in human history. He was of course, not. In Libya, before his toppling, Gaddafi warned  that his death will open the floodgates between two completely differing zones of human existence, and all that is stopping from Europe to fall to anarchy and chaos, are strong frontiers in the Mediterranean.


The problem with the media and academia and think tanks in the West are that they are manned by extremely ideological bubbles with soft liberal bias. They cannot possibly foresee living in their coccoon, that every region is different, the society is different, and any ideology that’s a western construct will have to adopt to special characteristics of the specific region in question. Sometimes that involves small compromises. In absence of strong centralized leadership, more often than not, there is chaos. The reason is simple. The dark forces that are within humanity are often more cohesive that the forces of progress, which are often decentralized and scattered. Not satisfied with the destruction of Iraq and Libya, therefore these interventionists are now targeting Syria to condemn them to the same fate.


The Western public, are tired of their hard earned cash being spent, and their blood spilled on far away regions, fighting wars which are unnecessary. And all that while actual petty crime, drug abuse, terrorism increases within the West. Why would people want that? Why would any sane rational man want to live in constant fear of being blown to bits, or if not, robbed and mugged on streets by random gangs in mopeds, due to police cuts, while the government spends millions on KAB500 bombs which are used to destroy a Toyota pick up truck in the middle of a desert? Why would a man be fine with millions of pounds with troops stationed in Lithuania, while 8 year olds are being mowed down in streets, even after the perpetrator was repeatedly reported to the police, but bafflingly no action was taken? If the government fails to provide security to its citizens, citizens are tempted to take up arms themselves. That’s societal chaos and the West is heading in that direction.

For all his faults, Jeremy Corbyn is raising these important issues. We should give him a fair hearing.

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