A recent important essay by Dr Cheryl Benard cannot come at a more appropriate time. She writes for The National Interest in a must read essay, where she highlights something so obvious that it barely needs any debate. Europe is undergoing a categorical invasion, in the form of unarmed, military aged men, looking to destroy the society from within. A few highlights from this essay:

If there’s one thing you need to read, it is this essay.

Dr Benard is no right wing nutty Islamophobe. She’s married to an Afghan American diplomat, Dr Zalmay Khalilzad, and has a stellar record of working with refugees for over a decade, and producing scholarship on the concept of Honour in Islam.

Unfortunately, I have been saying this for quite a while. I have previously written on why the Jewish refugees of second world war are not similar to the mass invasion that’s happening in Europe now.  I also wrote almost two years back on why ethno-nationalism in Europe will inevitably rise due to this unchecked mass migration.

People need to see for what it is. This is a calculated attempt to alter European demographics, and European culture, by a section of people who are in the media, academia and policy in Western Europe. This is social engineering at its purest form. The concept of Rape Jihad isn’t new. Indians warned over a decade back, but was often regarded as a conspiracy theory. It didn’t look like that in UK, since the Rochdale grooming case came into fore. In that case, media academia and police actively hushed it all up. Similar things are happening all over Europe. Add to that, the recent regular attempts to culturally erase history from any Western society.

This is a careful attempt what Marcuse described in his 70s book. Euro-Marxists realised that they won’t win the battle of ideas and economics, and there won’t be any Bolshevik revolution so they devised a process of infiltrating every profession, and sabotaging and subverting them from within.

What we see now, is the final end game, the apotheosis being played out in Europe and America. On one hand, we have media and academia trying to undermine right wingers, and on the other hand we have leftist NGOs actively engaged in social engineering.

As history suggests, there is always a reaction to a revolution. My fear is, the next reaction would lead to real fascism. No society can tolerate their women being raped and their children being mowed down by outsiders. The inevitable backlash will be savage.



Here’s another piece which you should read.




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