This is not a blog post. More like a record.

Joy Reid, MSNBC host, and prominent “Resistance” leader tweeted this.

When corrected, she doubled down, and made a pig’s breakfast out of it.

Not only is this a colossal mistake, historically and geographically wrong, it’s borderline xenophobic. Only tweeted to her rabidly ignorant followers in a modern version of 2017 red baiting. It doesn’t matter where Trump’s wives are from, but hey ho.

Talking of geography, Slovakia was never a part of Yugoslavia, nor was Yugoslavia ever Soviet. In fact, Tito would have marched someone to straight to jail for calling Yugoslavia Soviet. She seems to be completely ignorant of both the geography, as well as the non-aligned movement history.

Not the first time, she previously mentioned that Russia was still communist.

Recently, however she changed track saying Russia is White Christian, which is why Trump is supporting Russia and advancing “White Christianity”.

Anyway, her tweets are still up. As are the baffled reactions.

Just remember, she runs a political analysis show at MSNBC, writes columns for Daily Beast, and is now writing a hagiography of Barack Obama. These are your public intellectuals. Where such ignorance and tribalism is worshipped, no wonder Trump had an electorate.

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