Few days back, I wrote about Dr Cheryl Benard’s excellent article on Afghans unleashed on Europe, and why it’s not a migration, but an invasion. It was accused of xenophobia. Facts are not xenophobic, even though xenophobes often usurp facts to their nefarious purposes. Nonetheless, it is the duty of an academic to seek truth, rather than be subservient to any ideology.

I have previously written about why the argument of Jews fleeing Nazis and Syrian refugees being similar is flawed. I have also written why Europe is undergoing an insurgency, which includes a fifth column within European society. Paper by Thomas Hegghammer supports my view. I have also written in 2015, how it will invite justifiable ethno-nationalist backlash, especially from insular East Europe.

Today, new data, spotted by my fellow blogger Ben Sixsmith, came into sight and the implications are horrifying.

Here are the graphs from Germany. Foreigners (in orange) here mean European Non-Germans, as opposed to Asylum Seekers (in red) who are from Middle East and Africa. 

Total crime

Violent crime

Crimes resulting in grievous bodily harm

Sexual assault and rape

Foreigners are ~4.8 times more likely to commit murder, asylum seekers ~10.6 times, and for gangrapes, the ratio is ~10.3 for foreigners, compared to 42.7 for asylum seekers.

This pattern is similar for Sweden.

Now, two questions naturally come to mind. Why is the crime correlation so high for Muslim majority countries, compared to India, China, Korea and Japan. This is an urgent question, which politicians must answer.

Second, the biggest threat is the fifth column working in media and academia to normalise it. The simple hypothesis can be that Liberals seek the destruction of borders and Western culture which they think is the chief cause for all the evils of the World. Logically, asylum seekers are simply tools, means to an end, which remains the hollowing out of Western culture, as Western men turn effete and aggressive foreigners roam the land. But that hypothesis is strenuous and frankly untestable. So why do we see feminists, LGBTs, and Liberal/Left in media and academia aligning themselves to foreign hordes, chiefly from Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa? What is the cause of dumbing down of the debate, for example euphemistically naming Pakistani/Afghan Pedophile grooming gangs in Britain as “Asians”?


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