So, unsurprisingly, Mashable came out with this dross.

Bizarrely, my semi-viral tweet was listed in the blog post.

Alongside, Ben Shapiro and Jack Posobiec.

Which is odd, as a cursory google search of my articles in Quillette, and my open letter in the American Interest tells otherwise.

I like Shapiro and Posobiec, and I am Conservative in a lot of issues, but I don’t think they would consider me Alt-Right. And my article in The Federalist, argues that Google was wrong, purely from a Free Speech perspective.

Which begs the questions, is Free Speech solely a right wing issue? Is anyone arguing for free speech automatically Alt-Right? And finally, the idiot who writes and compiles idiotic blog posts like the one listed above, do they know how to google someone’s name?

What’s the cost of libel, Mashable?


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