All seats are being contested in Japan’s House of Representatives. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic administration has faced challenges this year. The cabinet’s disapproval rating eclipsed its approval rating in June for the first time since 2015. The current rate is 45 percent dispproval, 38 percent approval.

Challenging Abe is the Party of Hope’s coalition, a new conservative reformist party, and a liberal coalition consisting of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, the Japanese Communist Party, and the Social Democratic Party.

Yet even amongst those who disapprove of Abe’s administration in the Mainichi poll, a plurality, 26 percent, say they plan on voting for the Liberal Democratic Party, while 20 percent support the Party of Hope.

We will see later today if the third-longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history can keep his term going.

Update, 11 pm Tokyo time: Exit polls show Abe’s coalition projected to win, with 300 or more seats in the 465 seat chamber. Currently they control 329.

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