In this day and age where having an opposing opinion to liberals makes you an instant fascist, Nazi or Trump supporter, the art of debate is losing its lifeline and it feels society will shortly be pulling the plug. If only ever hearing one opinion is allowed, what happens if it’s the wrong opinion? This has become more apparent with the fiasco and utter ridiculousness with the transgender and gender fluid argument.

It started with which bathroom transgender people can use. Is it socially acceptable for a man who identifies as a woman, but still has a penis, to use the female toilets? Or if you look at it the other way, is it fair for a man who feels as though they were born a woman, to have to use the same toilets as men. (Or they could use the unisex disabled toilet; not implying in any way that they are disabled, but it’s a pretty easy solution, no?) If you had any form of evidence-based opinion that did not comport with what trans and 4th wave feminists were preaching, you would instantly be called “transphobic”.

I did not think I’d be looking back at those times of toilet squabble with fondness, as that such time was so much simpler and less frighteningly going a direction that I don’t we can go back from now.

Within a couple of days, two stories came to my attention via Twitter concerning this such direction I speak of. One, was when Topshop announced it was getting rid of women’s changing rooms, and making them all gender neutral, after one person, Travis Alabanza, felt they were the victim of “transphobia” after being refused entry to the women’s changing room. I have absolutely no problem with a person born as a male, still with a male body, wearing women’s clothing and self-identifying as a female. I do have a problem with letting men into female changing rooms where young teenagers get changed. The alarming hilarity and hypocrisy in this is most people championing this decision are also the ones crying out for “safe spaces”. How about a safe space for a bunch of 13-year-old girls to change and show each other their new outfits without the prying eyes of men who will obviously take advantage of this new goldmine peeping tom hangout? To make such a brash and harmful decision that affects the whole country is outrageous and an extremely troubling sign of where things are leading to. It will take one attack. 

The other was that Scottish schools are to let pupils change gender, without letting the child’s parent know. We are now allowing children to decide if they are male or female, and feel it is unnecessary to tell the child’s parent? When I was in primary school, half the time I didn’t know what filling I wanted in my sandwich, let alone if I wanted to be a boy or a girl. Maybe the rise in children identifying as a different gender is more apparent because we are putting these ideas in their heads? Children are immensely suggestable. I had no idea of what transgender was when I was that young; did it affect my opinion on it? No, I was still taught about respect, about how everyone is different and how to be a sensible, open-minded, functioning human being.

Now it’s being reported that there are cases of children as young as 12 years old being given hormone treatments to transition. As NewsWeek reported, “A 2011 study found that after sex reassignment surgery, more than 300 Swedish transsexuals faced a higher risk for mortality, suicide ideation, and psychiatric issues compared to the rest of the population.” I understand that the earlier you start, the easier it is, but the certainty and the fact they are at the start of puberty should deter any health professional from doing this.

A friend of mine suffered from extreme hyperemesis, which is severe chronic sickness during pregnancy. She went through it twice with both her children, to the point she was hospitalised until induced early before her organs shut down completely. She had a boy and a girl, in her late twenties with her long-term partner, and asked for her tubes to be tied to deter another traumatic pregnancy. She was told by her GP she was too young to decide this. Yet a 12-year-old child has the certainty to change their complete biology? This action is ludicrous. Hormones should settle, puberty should be done with and the definitiveness so is ingrained.

I am in no way against transgender people. I have friends who have had transitions. It is of no concern to me if you want to live as a man or a woman. But it is when children are involved is when I am concerned.

We’re heading for our future generation asking, “Why did you let me?” when transgender boys want to go back to being girls and transgender girls want to go back to being boys. They didn’t know, they didn’t think it through, their hormones changed. Let them grow up, be adults, decide and go forward with treatment.

Keep kids out of this mass transgender trend. They will know when they are adults.