The United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) passed a resolution today condemning France’s burka ban as a violation on human rights, claiming that it is an attack on religious freedom and self-determination of these women. This is strange because last I remember, the UNHRC has Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and China as members.

If we want to improve human rights, we’ve got bigger problems than secular, religious-freedom-promoting France banning the wearing of burqas. Just look to Saudi Arabia, where men are beheaded for loving men, Christians are forced to worship behind 30 foot walls, and anyone with an Israeli stamp on their passport isn’t even allowed to enter. Rape victims are blamed for being raped, and honor killing is allowed. Women are still required to have male “guardians” to do anything for them, and the law actually requires women to wear a niqab or a burka in public.

Compulsion to wear burqas is maintained in many countries and societies not just by laws but also by social pressure. No wonder France took the action it did.

What about China? The PRC persecutes dozens of minorities including Tibetans and Uyghurs and treats Islam as a mental disease requiring internment. This PRC had the gall to call France out on “oppression of minorities.” Even if that was the case (which it is not), France’s Muslims came to France of their own volition, whereas the Uyghurs are native to the territory claimed as China through no fault of their own.

You may be wondering what are the criteria for being on the UNHRC. There is no human rights criteria members must meet; it’s just a mindless rotation of a who’s who of dictators, demagogues and occasionally democrats. The terms are limited to two consecutive three-year terms. Saudi Arabia is up in 2019 and it won’t be a minute too soon.

I have personally travelled throughout Southwestern Asia and can personally attest to the hospitality, compassion and generosity of Arabs, Kurds, and Turks—all of these groups. We’re not talking about the Arab proletariat though—we’re talking about the house of Saud and their corrupt inbred regime. Can one really for one split second think that the PRC cares about Muslim minorities in France when they are themselves on a mission to culturally and ethnically cleanse their own Uyghur minority as much as possible?

The good news is that the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the French law was okay and since ECHR’s decisions are binding and UN decisions are cared for less and less each passing day, France could care less than a pig does about its own slaughter. Good for France for standing up to UN globalist bullies using Saudi Arabia and PRC as their muscle.

Photo by Antoine Taveneaux, via WikiMedia, Creative Commons.

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