Mr. President or to Whom It May Concern:

We are a nation who finds itself at war on many fronts. How we got into those wars or whether we should even be in them to begin are the subjects of different debates from the beef that this veteran has with the President. Some of those wars were mistakes. But our troops fight there nonetheless, serving our country, serving everyone in the country, without ideological or partisan distinction.

I often disagree with the President, and the President is attacked incessantly—often for good reason, but not always. For one thing, I think the investigation of Mr. Trump is highly politicized. If anyone wants proof, the fact that this entire paragraph makes extremists on both the Left and Right squirm, confirms this.

But now I come to my larger point: Our politics concerning geopolitical/military issues should be on the backburner on a day like Thanksgiving. We eat food indigenous to the North American continent and we engage in football and political debates with our drunk, racist uncle. Why did you decide to be the drunk racist uncle for the entire U.S. military?

Trump, while ensconced in his luxurious clubhouse in South Florida, made a phone call with a U.S. general and soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, in which he praised himself, attacked migrants, railed on the ‘caravan,’ and went so far as to suggest judges who rule against him should not be respected.

“Well, said it better than anybody could have said: ‘Keep them away from our shores.’ And that’s why we’re doing the strong border. As you probably see over the news what’s happening in our southern border and our southern border territory. Large numbers of people, and in many cases, we have no idea who they are. And in many cases, they’re not good people; they’re bad people. But large numbers of people are forming at our border, and I don’t have to even ask you; I know what you want to do. You want to make sure that you know who we’re letting in.  And we’re not letting in anybody essentially because we want to be very, very careful. So, you’re right. You’re doing it over there, we’re doing it over here,” Trump said, equating his highly politicized anti-migrant policy with the U.S. Army’s war against actual terrorists.

He proceeded to attack the courts for following the Constitution and laws: “We get a lot of bad court decisions from the Ninth Circuit, which has become a big thorn in our side. We always lose and then you lose again and again, and then you hopefully win at the Supreme Court, which we’ve done. But it’s a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services; when they tell you how to protect your border. It’s a disgrace.So, we’re winning and you’re winning.”

He raised his own (highly-inaccurate and hyperbolic) views about unrelated topics. Here he is asking a Coast Guard Lieutenant if he agrees with Trump about trade deals: “How are they feeling about trade? Because, you know, trade for me is a very big subject all over. We’ve been taken advantage of for many, many years by bad trade deals. We don’t have any good trade deals. How are you finding things in the region, Nick?”

He expressed his long-standing concerns to a Naval Captain about a new catapult system on aircraft carriers he doesn’t understand: “The steam system is tried and true for many, many years, as long as we’ve had aircraft carriers. How do you find steam versus what they’re doing on the Gerald Ford, which is electronic and digital, if you can believe it? … Because steam is very reliable, and the electromagnetic — I mean, unfortunately you have to be Albert Einstein to really work it properly. What would you do?”

You decided to attack immigrants and judges that you don’t agree with. Many have criticized you for your words and rightly so—it is bad to whine to people who legitimately have a more difficult and dangerous job than you.

The implications are also extremely scary—by talking on the phone to the troops about another branch of government, saying that they are somehow “impeding” your administration, it could be interpreted as a call for insurrection.

This is dangerous for numerous reasons, not least of which being that numerous of innocent civilians would die if even a small group of soldiers or wanna-be militia men take up the implied call. On all sides.

As you call the proletarians who serve on his behalf from his opulent Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida to bitch about how you are being mistreated by our nation’s judges, remember that their jobs are legitimately 100x more difficult than yours—and I’m grading the job itself on a curve, ASSUMING that you are slacking on the job, making the work of past Presidents’ 10x harder than yours.

Bush 43 spent one of his Thanksgivings in a war zone. I don’t agree with him on many things- the war in Iraq being one, but at least he had the intestinal fortitude to pay his beloved troops a visit when they could’ve used some turkey and cranberry sauce. You are indeed a disgrace to the office that you hold.

I say that you are fomenting a revolution because the implication of your words could be taken as instigating military action against another branch of government—I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you didn’t intend that. Therefore, I am calling on you to please apologize and redact your words. Failure to do so will be essentially giving up on our system of government and way of life.

The soldiers on the front line will be confronted with a very somber choice—follow their President or follow their training/defend the constitution. Please revoke your words, but do it in person. Better yet, I’ll give you a mulligan-don’t even mention the judges or immigrants or caravan or Congress or “all your many accomplishments”—just talk to my comrades like human beings. Ask about their families, thank them for serving-fuzzy shit like that.

Lance Corporal Rincon, A. Patrick, USMC (Retired)

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