After Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats testified before Congress that North Korea was a much bigger threat than illegal immigration from Mexico and unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons capabilities, Trump lashed out at intelligence.

“I disagree with certain things that they said. I think I’m right,” Trump said, citing no evidence. He also expressed through Twitter, “The Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran. They are wrong!”

He skipped the next intel briefing because of it (though his disdain for being informed about intel has been publicly known since early on).

Turns out Trump was wrong. And Trump was forced to concede to the facts when he left his meeting with Kim Jong-un early with no deal.

Leaving Hanoi, Trump claimed Kim wanted complete sanctions relief for only limited commitments to future denuclearization. North Korea disputed Trump at its own press conference, saying that it was willing to accept limited sanctions relief.

Still, the fact that North Korea has only been very slowly taking actions on limited sites, while at the same time continuing expansion of missile bases, showed the level of resistance Trump and the U.S. would be up against. This would have been obvious if Trump actually prepared or if he let diplomats with actual competence in the area negotiate beforehand.

Maybe he should have read the Worldwide Threat Assessment Coats had prepared before his testimony. If he did, he would have found:

Pyongyang has not conducted any nuclear-capable missile or nuclear tests in more than a year, has
declared its support for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and has reversibly dismantled
portions of its WMD infrastructure. However, North Korea retains its WMD capabilities, and the
IC continues to assess that it is unlikely to give up all of its WMD stockpiles, delivery systems, and
production capabilities. North Korean leaders view nuclear arms as critical to regime survival.

But that is too much to expect from an unserious president.

Or he could have watched my video published before his first meeting, which predicted nothing material would come out of it:

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