Who Are We?

Bombs and Dollars started as a blog in 2008 during the American Presidential Elections, but then due to time shortage, and priorities of its Editors, it was defunct after three successful years. At that point of time, it was just a political blog, with caustic and sarcastic commentary about politics and world affairs in general.

Bombs and Dollars is now relaunched, however, reflecting the maturity of the personal experience of its Editors, who are now early-mid career correspondents, author and academic.

B+D stands to bridge the gap between academia and policy, commentary and opinions, reporting and blogging. There are multiple websites and blogs, some completely academic, some not so much. Publishing op-eds and papers are common. We don’t want to do that.

How is this different from other blogs or websites on Politics/Philosophy/IR/Economics? Here’s how.

Imagine, when you’re in twitter, or having a coffee…and you feel like you have an opinion, a solid idea, or a counter point to a random narrative you read, or argument you heard, but you don’t want to write a whole research paper on it. Nor do you want to write an op-ed and try to get it published in a newspaper. B+D is for articles and posts like that. You wrote a research paper? You’re welcome to write a three four para blog post, explaining your central hypothesis, with a link to your published paper. You wrote a book? Want us to review it? Write to us, we will make sure there are varied counterpoints and critical review. You were in a twitter argument, and you had a series of tweet or rant that you want to publish in a blog form? This is the place for it.

(Please check our Submission Guidelines page)