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Here are few contribution guidelines you should keep in mind before you submit your piece.

  1. You and you only are responsible for the opinion you post, not the website.
  2. Expect fierce criticism. This is a site by journalists and academics, and academics love to critique.
  3. Please don’t use any referencing or citation format, only hyperlinks.
  4. Please keep it conversational and write a blog post, not a huge op-ed and definitely not a whole paper. This is not a magazine or a journal. Readers are not all academics or journalists. Everyone doesn’t understand jargon, so avoid that, or if you are compelled to use words like “Security Dilemma” or “Laffer Curve” it is prudent to add a hyperlink to it, which explains the term. Again, this is a blog, and we are trying to promote a debate, not bore people to death.
  5. Advanced level students are free to send their blog posts but we are predisposed and inclined to published academics and journalists. Call us a bit elitist, or snobbish, but that’s how it is. We will read each submission carefully and judge it on merit ofcourse, that’s a promise. And please don’t be shy to try, you never know!
  6. Whoever writes here, chances are you might be savaged, by your fellow writer, writing in the same website. That’s the beauty of it. You have heard of citizen journalism, let’s call this academic-journalism. We love interesting, intelligent piece, if that instigates a sledge contest, brilliant. World needs more debate, not censoring of ideas and partisan political point.
  7. Avoid argumentative inconsistencies, and read up on logical fallacies, before you submit anything. Really. We can’t stress more on that.
  8. This is a hard Politics, International Relations, Economics blog, with some posts on Philosophy. We follow paradigms which are prevalent, and follows scientific methodology. A hypothesis which can be tested, or is corroborated by empirical research. An opinion, which can be concluded from causal generalization. If you are an activist with an agenda, or prefer narrative to justify your cause rather than facts, chances are you won’t be published here. Definitely no conspiracy theories like “9/11 was an inside job” or “Iraq war was only for oil” and such, and if you cite or link to such websites and videos, you’ll just embarrass yourself.
  9. Try for three to four paragraphs max. Use as many hyperlinks as you can. You can republish your piece published here, to your personal blog, but ethically speaking, we would expect that republication after it is published here, and with a link to the original piece. We don’t want any piece which is already published anywhere else already, including your own blog.
  10. We promise we will try to write back to everyone, if it is accepted for publication. We will also try to inform, if it is rejected. Word.