Katja LihtenvalnerA Slovenian journalist and researcher, based in Athens, who brings an alternative perspective to human rights and migrant issues, including the Golden Dawn party and other far-right movements. She is a regular contributor to daily Večer, Airbeletrina and scientific magazine Andragogic Perspectives. She is fluent in five languages. You can follow her on twitter @lihtenvalner. You can follow her on twitter @lihtenvalner.

Johanna Simola – A Finnish doctoral student based in the United Kingdom, researching on British news media and the problematisation of certain migrant groups. Having academically moved from Strategic Studies to Sociology via Clinical Criminology, her research interests are primary concerned with discourse and the securitization of different actors, as well as general discourses on threat and deviancy and the construction of ‘Otherness’. Outside the academia she currently works in the private security industry and entertains the idea of living in multiple countries. You can follow her on Twitter @jdsimola.

Akif Avcı – Akif is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Nottingham. You can follow him on Twitter here