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Weekly Reading List: What to read before the Vegas GOP debate

Tonight the Republicans face off in Las Vegas for another presidential debate. Want to bone up on the debate topics? Read these articles.

With the San Bernardino terrorist attack having happened recently, terrorism should be a big topic at the debate. Here is my latest article on terrorism:
Not All Shooting Sprees Are Terrorism

The definition of terrorism in the U.S. Code is a good starting point: “the term ‘terrorism’ means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents…”

Think about the fatwa against “The Satanic Verses” or the murder of Theo van Gogh and the Charlie Hebdo attack. The point of each of those brutalities was to scare people into shutting up about Islam. They were largely successes insomuch as many media outlets have subsequently censored publication of newsworthy cartoons mocking Muhammad or Islam.

When James Holmes stepped into the theatre and pulled the trigger, spraying wildly at the 100 or so people watching “The Dark Knight,” what was his motivation? What was he trying to coerce people into doing or refraining from doing? Many of these shootings have no discernible ideological motivation.

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The entire Los Angeles Unified School District–640,000 students attended in total–shut down this morning due to terrorist threats sent last night. But New York received similar threats, and the NY authorities say they were a hoax. Here’s ABC News: LA Public Schools Shut Down After Unspecified Threat, but NYC Deems Similar Threat Not Credible.

Trump’s rallies continue to get ugly. As a protester was kicked out, Trump supporters called for him to be beaten or set on fire, and one made a Nazi salute. Here’s NBC News: Trump Audience Member Yells Nazi Salute as Protester Removed From Las Vegas Rally.

Marco Rubio continues to do well in general election polls. In one, he even threatens to win the youth vote from the Democrats. Here’s Slate’s analysis: Why Young Voters May Choose Marco Rubio Over Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is feeling threatened by Ted Cruz, who is rising in the Iowa polls, and has taken aim at him. He even questioned Cruz’s religious views by citing Cruz’s father’s country of origin. As Tommy Christopher at Mediaite said, it is a racist attack: Donald Trump Goes Full Racist on Ted Cruz and Nobody Notices.

Even the right-wing fever swamp dwellers who usually support Trump may be turned off by him going after a conservative hero. Radio talk show host Mark Levin, often a critic of the so-called “establishment,” fired back at Trump: Mark Levin Slams Trump For Calling Ted Cruz a ‘Maniac’.

Terrorism has a definition, and James Holmes wasn’t a terrorist

The New York Daily News has a cover out that calls political activist Wayne LaPierre, head of the gun rights advocacy group the National Rifle Association, a terrorist. This comes just a week after the New York Daily News published an article that quoted Planned Parenthood officials as saying “hateful language” caused the Planned Parenthood shooting.

Here’s The Guardian‘s Jessica Valenti putting the argument in the clearest way: “Do we really think that there are no consequences to claiming that abortion is murder, or that Planned Parenthood is an organization of money-hungry monsters selling baby parts?”

Think about that while see people calling the NRA leader a terrorist with his picture published right next to the faces of some of America’s most vicious mass murderers.

As for those mass murderers, only two of them–the Planned Parenthood Shooter and the Charleston Church Shooter–fall into the definition of terrorism, which is politically-motivated violence. The Sandy Hook Shooter and the Aurora Theatre Shooter had no discernible motives for their crazed violence. To say that they are violent lunatics doesn’t excuse them (murdering two dozen is evil for any reason); it simply is in accordance with the facts.

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