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Barry crashes the Brexit party!

So, this happened.


If you’re living under the rock (or you’re American) then you probably don’t know that UK is heading for a Brexit vote in a month, a situation, where ideologies are blurred and a civil war is raging.

In that moment, enter Barack Obama with the casual Chicago game. Now, say what you may about this guy, or his politics, but one has to admit, he is perhaps the greatest and the most gifted extempore speaker of his generation. Well, maybe Bill Clinton, at his prime, not at his diminished stage like now, was better than Barry. But anyway, he changed the game, in a way David Cameron couldn’t have imagined, and the backlash from the “out” camp was severe. Socialists were livid that an American President is dictating another country how they should vote. Rebel Conservatives and ultra-right wingers are livid as well.

Some of them do have a point. Without going into the merits of BREXIT, it is unbelievable to think any country, or even the British PM urging Americans to sign and ratify UNCLOS, or form a borderless union with Mexico and Canada, or join AIIB led by China. Not going to happen. Ever.

Also, curiously, this campaign has divided the left. I mean, by definition, if you’re a red-blooded Marxist, you should be against a free trade espousing, neoliberal, hegemonic union, which dictates economic policies of small countries, crushes left movements like Greece, and throws its military weight around, right? 

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Podcast: Major political earthquakes in UK and US in the last 24 hours

430353e5aa752b468ab98f5d681f2e8652907b81So, Trump won South Carolina, going against every political analysis…after kicking the Bush clan in the chin, going Truther on the Iraq war, regurgitating Democrat talking points, praising Putin, defrauding veterans, and yet he won the most militaristic state in the US. Now, my colleague and co-editor of this blog, Mitch Blatt thinks that there is still time, that establishment will bandwagon behind Rubio. But Republicans now are acting like crabs in a bucket, pulling each other down, so I remain skeptical. If this goes on, Hillary will be handed the Presidency in a plate.

In UK, Boris Johnson just went all guns blazing, and decided to campaign for Britain going out from the EU, thereby breaking and splitting the Conservatives, and joining with far right leaders like Nigel Farage and populist weirdos like George Galloway. george-galloway

All in all, everything changed in the last 24 hours, and we’re in for a bumpy ride in the next few months! Watch this space fellas!


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