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Trump loses to Clinton in 90% of polls

It always amazes me how some politicians can lie so easily about objective facts that are available with just a few seconds of Googling, and how journalists, who have heard their lines again and again, never check and correct them. One of the worst examples is polling.

Trump trotted out polls again on Thursday night at the debate in Detroit to argue that he’s winning in the polls. As Ted Cruz said, Trump is obsessed with polls. But here’s why he shouldn’t be: All the polls show Trump losing to Clinton.

When called on it, Trump misleadingly stated, “I beat Hillary Clinton in many polls.” (Politico, in their story on the candidates arguing about polls, could have interjected with facts but didn’t and let Trump’s relatively inaccurate statement stand.)

Yes, Trump beats Hillary in some polls, but not “many”–unless you consider 5-out-of-49 to be many.

There’s actually a website where you can check these things: RealClearPolitics. RealClearPolitics includes summaries of all credible polls done this year and averages them. Of all the polls since May (link), Trump only led in five–five that he incessently cites (USA Today, 2/11-15; Fox News, 1/4-7; Fox News, 11/16-19; Fox News, 10/10-12; SurveyUSA, 9/2-3; two ties; not Quinnipac). That’s two polls from this year and three from Fox News.

Don’t take my word for it. Check at RealClearPolitics Clinton vs Trump polls. And yet Politico’s Michael Grunwald not let Trump’s claim stand, he even restated Trump’s straight-up lie that he’s leading in a Quinnipac poll.

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Losing Ohio, John Kasich calls on candidates losing their home states to drop out

Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich unleashed a strange line of attack on fellow candidate and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Politico reports:

Kasich, whose campaign has been gasping for oxygen since his fifth-place showing in South Carolina and dead-last finish in Nevada, may have found some in a new Quinnipiac poll that shows Rubio trailing Trump badly in his home state of Florida. Kasich’s team leapt at the news, calling on Rubio to drop out of the contest and support a candidate more likely to win his home state.

Drop out if you aren’t winning your home state. That’s interesting coming from Kasich’s campaign.

The most recent Quinnipiac poll, taken between Feb. 16-20, has Donald Trump leading Kasich 31% to 26% in Ohio. Before that, the second most recent poll, from November-October 2015, has Trump up 23% to 13% (Ohio primary polls).

In Florida, Trump is leading with an average of 38.7% in the polls Real Clear Politics tracks, with Rubio second at 19.3%, and Kasich last at 4.0% (Florida primary polls).

Rubio has beat Kasich in three-out-of-four of the states that voted, finishing second at the last two, and leads Kasich 16.7% to 9.3% nationally (national polls).

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