It is amazing how many websites these days offer coupons to those willing to look for them. It’s gotten to the point where if I see a box for a promo code, I immediately open a separate browser window to begin my search for savings. Is this an obsessive waste of time for the possibility of getting $5 off? Maybe, but I have often found that I can save over 20% just by spending a few minutes on Google search.

If you take just a few minutes every time you buy something online you could save a substantial amount of money by doing these three things:

Before you complete your purchase, check the website itself for coupons and promo codes

Often times promo codes will be readily displayed in bright colors on the website. Despite how obvious they are, it’s easy to forget about them if you have been shopping for a while and you are finally getting around to purchasing the things in your cart. I always use the appearance of the promo code box as a reminder to go back to the websites homepage just as a final check for major coupon savings.

Do a quick Google search for coupons relating to the website you are shopping at

If you type in “promo codes [insert retail site]” or “coupons [insert retail site]” you will get multiple websites such as that will give you lists of relevant coupons. I usually check a few of these sites as typically there will be at least two or three that don’t have any good coupons at all.

After searching for coupons, type your items into Google search to make sure you are getting the best price

Another thing that is an absolute must is to double check that you are getting the best price. Take the name of the item you are buying and type it into a Google search. Google will now give you a list of where you can get that item and what each website is charging (it even includes shipping!). Even if you found a coupons you may still get a better deal by finding the item at a lower price elsewhere.

At the end of the day you may not find very many coupons, but when you do you’ll be glad you did the search!