While shaving is not typically a major cost, all of the razors and supplies can add up to a lot of money over a years’ time. Even at Walmart a few 7oz cans of shaving cream can cost upwards of $8, not to mention $0.80 to $3 for a cheap replacement blade or disposable razor. These costs can add up to hundreds of dollars per year, especially if you buy more expensive razors and products. If you are ready to save some money on shaving then perhaps one of these five tips can help:

Stop using shaving cream and use soap instead

This is an easy one for me as I have always found it much easier to shave with soap and water than with shaving cream. While you may have to do one to two additional applications, with enough water soap allows the razor to simply glide smoothly across my face in longer, quicker strokes. While this may not sound appealing I urge you to try it as this could save you quite a bit per year depending on your shaving cream usage.

Join the Dollar Shave Club

If you like to replace your razors/razor blades often but you don’t want to pay ridiculous prices then The Dollar Shave Club is for you. If you like two bladed razors you can get the razor handle plus 6 blades per month delivered to your door for $3 a month ($1 + S&H, $0.50 per blade). If you like more blades they have a four blade option for $6 per month ($1.5 per blade with 4 blades per month). This is a great option for someone who shaves daily and likes to have sharp blades. Even if you’re not interested in buying their razors the video on the front page is worth a visit if you’re in need of a laugh.

Grow a beard and only shave to shape it

Growing a beard can save you a lot of money on razors. While you may still need to use one to shape around your beard, you wont have to replace the blades nearly as much because they are getting less use. Growing a beard may require you to purchase a beard trimmer; however, in the grand scheme of things a beard can still save you money in the long run (not to mention you could even get a beard trimmer that doubles as an electric razor!).

Replace your disposable blades/razors less often

I’m not sure if this is good for my skin but It’s definitely something I do to save money. I also typically shave every other day in order to make my blades last longer, although this may not be an option for you if your hair grows quickly.

Locate the absolute best deal on razors you like and only buy them where you can get that deal

My quest for the cheapest but also bearable razors often leads me down the path of purchasing razors that stink. I always get three bladed razors, but when it comes to the brand of blade/disposable razor I typically pick the cheapest razor in the largest quantity (this gets the cost per blade down). This can lead to disaster if you buy a huge pack of razors that don’t work very well (yes, often they are cheap for a reason). If you find a cheap brand of razor that you like, remember what store you got them at and what brand they were. That way you can go back to get that deal every time you need razors instead of having to try out cheap razors that aren’t as good.